We’re always stretching our knowledge and capabilities here at Madison. One of the best ways we do that is with monthly workshops called Lunch and Learns. Led by one or two employees, Lunch and Learns are an opportunity for our entire team to eat together and dive headfirst into an exciting new topic.

Our latest Lunch and Learn was about all things AI. We covered a variety of AI tools, tried them out and discussed what the future of AI could look like for our industry.

Here were our three big takeaways from that eye-opening conversation.

You're only as good as your prompts
As our discussion hosts Matt Overwine and George Taliaferro showed us, it’s easy to instantly generate images and copy with the latest AI tools, like Midjourney, ChatGPT and Adobe’s Generative AI. But the key to generating higher quality content is in the prompt.

We explored different parameters, commands and approaches that drastically changed the AI tool’s output. We also studied different AI-generated images and the unique prompts used to create them.

A Balance of Time, Effort and Quality
We were all impressed with how quickly MidJourney, ChatGPT and Photoshop’s AI tools were able to respond to prompts and produce work. But what we got back from these tools wasn’t always perfect. Images were sometimes warped, copy was clunky and altered images often needed another pass to look more polished.

We discussed how the instantaneous output of these tools are sometimes offset by the need for human intervention. Sure it’s impressive, but are these tools really time-savers if they need another pass from us to get where they need to be? Maybe not quite yet…

Collaboration is Key
As we discussed and experimented with different prompts and tools, we found ourselves asking lots of questions. So it was extremely helpful to have our entire team together as we learned different perspectives and found answers. Just like when we work with our clients, our ability to collaborate, ask questions and solve problems made this process much more valuable and effective.

We’re just beginning…
When it comes to AI, we’re just scratching the surface of its capabilities and what it means for marketing and advertising. We know that AI tools will continue to progress, improve and evolve the way we work. We agreed that our opinions and perspectives on these tools could change seemingly overnight.

Ready to learn more about our collaborative approach? Reach out and a human will be in touch soon.