Tons of losses, trading of favorite players, a string of “rebuilding” years…if you’re from Cincinnati, you know how tough it’s been to be a Reds fan the last few years.

But this season, the Reds are back, surging to the top of the division and getting some serious national attention in the process. With sold-out games most weekends, it’s clear that fans can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.

But how did they get here? Let’s take a closer look and find some inspiration for how you can translate their three keys to success to a stronger brand experience.

Key #1: Fresh perspectives change the game
On the roster with hall-of-famer (and 17+ year veteran) Joey Votto is a group of talented rookies and young players. Players that bring blazing speed, big hits and a new energy this team hasn’t had in a long time.

It’s a good reminder that the next generation of consumers is already here: Millienials and Gen Z-ers who have a fresh new approach to shopping and interacting with brands. So take a look at your branding and marketing approach through the eyes of tomorrow’s shoppers. Get some fresh perspectives from your younger employees or consider some consumer testing to see how you can appeal to a younger audience.

Key #2: Change your gameplan
This Reds team doesn’t play the same way it did in previous seasons. The biggest change? They steal a ton of bases. In fact, they steal bases more than any other MLB team. This bold tactic not only leads to more runs scored, but it also puts a ton of pressure on the away team to stay alert.

If your marketing goals are falling flat, it could be a good time to come up with a bold new gameplan. Things like:

  • A visual rebrand
  • A new website
  • Some new content on your social media platforms
  • An exciting new marketing campaign
  • A new tagline

These are all great ways to start fresh and revitalize sales.

Key #3: Celebrate what makes you, you
Like Steelers fans waving the terrible towel or getting all dressed up for the Kentucky Derby, professional sports is filled with unique traditions. 

Win or lose, one thing you can be sure of at every Reds game is some seriously fun celebrations. After a Reds player hits a homerun, teammates meet by the dugout to adorn him with a Viking helmet, fur coat and special bat. What started as a fun inside joke has turned into a staple of the Reds culture.

But brands can celebrate their individuality too. It’s something we’ve discussed in our brand awareness series.

Think about Patagonia, who attract fellow conservationists with their unique purpose: “We’re in business to save our home planet.” Fair Trade Certified clothing, a trade-in program for used gear and 1% of sales pledged for preservation are just some of the ways they bring that selling point to life.
Discover what sets you apart from the competition and share it with everyone. Your unique difference is a sure-fire way to give consumers a better glimpse of who you are and why you’re worth considering. 

Ready to find your winning season? From strategic rebrands to engaging marketing campaigns, Madison is ready to take your brand to the next level. Reach out and learn more about our collaborative approach.