This post is part of our Brand Awareness 101 series: blog articles filled with helpful tips, insights and strategies to take your brand recognition to the next level.

Nike: “Just Do It.”
BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine
McDonald’s: “I’m Loving It.”

There’s something about a great tagline that just stays with you. They become so synonymous with their brand, you can’t think of one without the other. If you’re in a crowded and competitive industry, a tagline is an absolute must for standing out in the eyes of consumers.

So what’s it take to create a tagline that’s memorable, concise and completely captures your brand experience? We’ve got a few pointers and examples to get you started.

1. Nail down your point of difference
Your point of difference is something we’ve already talked a lot about in our brand awareness series: your key “it” factor that makes your brand unique. A good point of difference answers a consumer frustration, differentiates you from your competition and is easy to remember. Target’s tagline does a great job of letting their point of difference shine:

Expect more. Pay less.

Target is all about affordability and selection. They know that exceeding their customer’s expectations on everyday shopping trips is what makes them unique. After all, going on a “Target run” rarely means buying just one thing.

Once you’ve nailed down your point of difference, it’s time to move on to step 2.

2. Consider your audience mindset
Fear, frustration, happiness, excitement…Your industry, service or product can make consumers feel a wide range of emotions. Tapping into that emotional truth is a great way to find a tagline that resonates. Let’s look at Allstate:

You’re in good hands.

When most folks think about insurance, it’s rarely in a positive light. Thoughts of costly premiums, confusing coverage and accidents come to mind quickly. Allstate acknowledges this sentiment and gives you reassurance and peace of mind. After all, isn’t that what insurance should be all about?

3. Have fun
A tagline is the perfect time to get creative with wordplay, rhymes, alliteration and puns. It’s a great way to be memorable and stand out. How about this gem from
To each their home

 Playing off the old adage “to each their own,”’s tagline feels inviting, engaging and gets consumers excited about finding their own place.

With these 3 tips, you’re well on your way to creating a perfect tagline. But if you’d like some help, we’re ready to jump in! Reach out to learn more about our collaborative approach to branding and marketing success.