Rebrands are investments in time and money. They’re also an investment by everyone connected to your brand. To get it right, start by identifying and aligning key stakeholders (hint: they’re not just customers).


People are finding that relationships matter more than ever. Brand strategists are, too. When we all need something to count on, the question for many quickly becomes how can you keep your brand relationships strong?

Anyone can make a good first impression. To have a healthy, long-lasting relationship – to earn customer loyalty – consumer and B2B brands alike need to follow the basics of earning trust. They must be reliable, design a supportive brand strategy and never, ever take their customers for granted.

Here are 9 tips for shifting brand perception and strengthening your brand relationship:

1. Keep your promises. Make sure your company’s actions align with your brand promise. Following through and keeping your word build trust through experience.

2. Stay in touch for no reason. Show customers they’re in your thoughts and they’re never alone. Sincere appreciation and information sharing – while asking nothing in return – create brand goodwill that lasts.

3. Do more than what is asked. Thoughtful gestures, unexpected surprises and unnecessary favors are sources of delight that go beyond customer service and build strong brand loyalty.

4. Apologize when you need to. Say you’re sorry – and mean it. If a mistake is made, own it and admit fault. Then make it better.

5. Be there when they need help. Customers need authentic and practical support, not empty sentiment. Show them you understand, that you “get it,” with your actions. Be accessible, easy to reach and most of all, responsive.

6. Listen more than you talk. Your customer’s happiness is your top priority. Period. Solve their problems, don’t sell. The best brand relationship is a two-way street.

7. Be honest and straightforward. Even when it’s uncomfortable. Especially then. Be frank and honest in brand communication, never condescending. Include customers in decisions.

8. Make them feel special. Customers want to be seen, heard and valued. Try to be as individual and direct as possible, like they’re the only person in the room.

9. Make them look good. Few things earn loyalty like giving people positive public recognition. To gain brand advocates, be an advocate of your customers.