The holiday calendar is more than a method to mark time. It’s a lesson in brand positioning. Like brands, holidays belong to a defined category, often have a lot in common and compete for attention. Yet everyone has their favorite and each holiday stands out. 

Why? Brand positioning. 

Every holiday has a niche; it has its own purpose, personality, and practices. They each feel different, they act different – and it’s the differences that make them special. That’s their brand position. 

Take a walk through the calendar and these distinctions are hard to miss:


Thanksgiving: Appreciation

Christmas: Generosity

New Years: Rejuvenation

Mardi Gras: Liberation

St Patrick’s Day: Belonging

Anniversaries: Commemoration

Easter: Devotion

Mother’s/Father’s Day: Sentiment

Birthdays: Reflection

4th of July: Community

Labor Day: Recreation

Halloween: Transformation

Whatever you’re selling, you can map your brand and your competition in a similar way. When you find that something special that your brand stands for, you’re on the way to setting yourself apart. And it starts with your brand position.

Happy holidays and happy branding!