Congratulations! You just finished your big rebrand project. After all the research and rounds of revisions, you have everything you need:

  • New insights on what makes your brand unique and stand out from the competition
  • New brand purpose and/or tagline
  • New brand colors and usage considerations
  • New guidelines for your team and brand partners to implement
  • Maybe even a new or refreshed logo

You can’t wait to spread the news to your employees and customers. But where’s the best place to start?

1. Tell your employees first with a brand presentation
Remember: rebranding isn’t just for your customers. It’s also an opportunity to reengage and realign with your team about your new look and shared strategic purpose. So telling your employees about your rebrand is a critical first step. Your brand launch presentation should include the “why” behind the change, insights about the process and examples of new branded assets and materials coming soon. You can also use this presentation as a chance to celebrate with a special employee launch party.

2. Then, look at your website
More and more, your target audience’s first interaction with brands is usually online. So your website should be one of the first places you introduce your brand’s new look and tone. As you engage your customers with everything new, you also get to remind them about why your brand is still the right choice for them (your point of difference). And if a full website re-do isn’t possible right away, just focus on key pages like your home page, about us page and products page.

3. Finally, launch your rebrand with a new marketing campaign
Rebranding generates a lot of interest from both new and existing customers. It’s the perfect time to leverage that attention with a new marketing campaign. From sales brochures and digital banners to emails and video ads, every piece of the campaign works together to showcase your updated brand, share your story and drive awareness. Plus, your audience can continue to learn more at your newly updated website.

Finishing a big rebrand project is a huge milestone for any company. But don’t be overwhelmed about what’s next. These three key steps are a great way to keep your marketing momentum going in the right direction. Ready to take you rebrand to the next level? We can help with that. Reach out to learn more about our collaborative approach.