Lately, you might have the same questions for your business that you have for yourself: How should we act? How can we help? How can we do the right thing while making it through intact? Here are a few ways to help your brand – and your business – be a positive force.


Hit the pause button
Many companies continue to promote like it’s business as usual. To survive this crisis, marketing is obviously crucial, but overly promotional tactics can seem out of touch (or even disrespectful) right now. Part of the problem may be automated email campaigns created a while ago and forgotten in all the commotion. If you’re in a position to do so, think about what’s on autopilot that might need to be paused for the time being.

Sincerity is incredibly important
What’s true about brands in times of crisis has been true in all times: Be your authentic self. Don’t try to be something you’re not, and show a genuine interest in, and understanding of, your customers’ world.

NYT Cooking, a digital source of recipes and tips, emailed subscribers stories of folks banding together and using food to keep humanity afloat. By supporting ingenuity in the pantry, by supporting efforts to celebrate in the home around the table, they stay connected to customers in a genuine, caring manner.

Share helpful information on topics that are related to your brand and you’ll show that same level of sincerity.

Find opportunities. But don’t be opportunistic.
Social isolation is leaving us all feeling a bit…well…isolated. You have the opportunity to simply be available. But what do you do when you can’t reach out in person? You go creative, you go digital and you go free.

Companies and organizations around the country are using their imagination to stay visible and top of mind. The Met Opera and dozens of local performing arts groups offer live streaming. Local bookstores host virtual story time. Yoga studios and gyms use Zoom and Facebook Live to broadcast free classes. We even know a school counselor who created his own puppet-based miniseries to talk with kids about coping with feelings.

People want to know that comfort and familiarity are close by. Offering a free trial gives a glimpse of your product and says, above all, you’re here.