Your brand’s presence on social is your personality in action, showing consumers who you are and why you fit into their lifestyle. Unlike online ads, organic social success isn’t measured in sales or click through rates – but engagement. So without a firm “sales” goal, why post? Well for one, your consumers are already here – and they’re thinking about their next purchase. Research from Crowdtap revealed 64% of 3,000 people surveyed use social to find shopping inspiration (up 51% vs. last year). So staying relevant and connected to consumers will help keep your brand top of mind.


Here are three keys to making sure your brand’s organic social posts always hit the mark.

1. Quality > Quantity

Just like that one friend, posting too often can be a big turn-off. Frequent posting is also bad for generating engagement since you’re fighting against your own content. A good rule of thumb for posting frequency? According to the Sprout Social Index™, 74% of consumers think 1-2 posts a day is ideal for brands. Plus with less posting, you can focus more on the quality of your content – which leads us into #2…

2. Be a resource or an entertainment source

This is not the time for heavy-hitting product benefits or promotions. Consumers are turning to their feeds for fun, advice and inspiration. It’s important to think less sales-y here and more value-forward: How am I going to provide value to consumers today? Tips and resources? Fun and laughs? Inspiration and insights? When you can tap into the mindset of consumers and the type of content they want to see, your engagement will rise. Speaking of engagement…  

3. Engage with your community

When it comes to organic social, high engagement from consumers (comments, likes, shares) is how we measure success. Adding a question in your post copy for people to answer in the comments is an easy way to boost engagement. If you already have fans on social, ask if you can re-share their positive posts about your brand or products. As you review older posts and think about new content, keep track of engagement to make sure you’re staying effective.

With these three keys in mind, your brand social content will continue to attract and resonate with consumers. Still looking to take your social feed to the next level? Reach out to learn more about our digital capabilities and creative content approach.