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5 ways to own, live and foster Inclusivity in the workplace

by Jackie Roberto | Apr 5, 2023

How to make inclusion a daily practice in any organization’s culture As a woman-owned business, Madison knows that the marginalized in our community.

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Digital first: what it means and how to use it to your advantage

by Katherine Monasterio | Mar 13, 2023

At Madison Design, “digital first” is a strategy woven into every aspect of our work. We see it as a principle that’s no longer optional as we move.

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3 Keys to Engaging Organic Social

by George Taliaferro | Jan 12, 2023

Your brand’s presence on social is your personality in action, showing consumers who you are and why you fit into their lifestyle. Unlike online ads,.

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How to Keep Your Brand Relevant to a Younger Generation

by Jackie Roberto | Mar 9, 2022

The ABCs of marketing may not have prepared us for the world of Xx, Ys and Zs. Generation X remembers a world without smartphones and the internet..

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5 ways to be a better listener for your customers

by Jackie Roberto | May 28, 2021

Today’s consumers don’t just expect brands to listen to them—they seek out evidence that brands are paying attention.

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Don’t hesitate. Appreciate.

by Jackie Roberto | May 14, 2021

How a gesture of gratitude helps your brand build goodwill

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How to stretch your brand to survive disruption

by Jackie Roberto | Apr 23, 2021

Back in the 1950s, brands were about me (the product) and all my wonderful and futuristic features. Then came the 1980s, which ushered in the era of.

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5 basics of building brand trust

by Jackie Roberto | Mar 22, 2021

Trust in brands seems to be in short supply lately. While companies struggle to find their footing, consumers see broken promises, insincerity and,.

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When Time Stops

by Jackie Roberto | Mar 15, 2021

Isolation does strange things to time. For many, time slows to a standstill – yet it can disappear in a blink of binge-watching, rapid-fire clickbait.

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Promises, Promises

by Jackie Roberto | Feb 12, 2021

In some ways, the current crisis is a moment of truth for brands. In the face of extraordinary demands, they’re being forced – some for the first.

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