Why facts and stats can say only so much about your brand

Data, data, data. Big data, little data, aggregate data, real-time data. For many brands, data analytics is driving the bus. But without well-reasoned and experienced insights, do you know which direction the bus should travel?

In an Economist Intelligence Unit study, 70% of execs said sales and marketing analytics are very important. However, in another study, only 29% of companies were good at connecting analytics to action. Insight is needed to bridge that gap. Data is the what. Insight is the why.

When you see the story behind the numbers, you can draw better conclusions and make better decisions for your brand.

To help your team create actionable insight, follow these strategies:

Be observers. Listen to your audience’s challenges and expectations, note the context, and be open to learning.

Ask why. Several times. Ask why the data point is true and why it matters, and how will it impact your audience’s thinking.

Be empathic. Spreadsheets and graphs can’t tell you how to apply what you know. Adding a human story can.

Gather more than one type of data. Everything is a data point you can learn from – reviews, surveys, reports, customer service calls, trend numbers, etc.

Use your imagination. Read between the lines. Consider how multiple pieces of data fit together. Use critical thinking to connect the dots.