We call our core values the Madison Ways, and they, more than anything, will see us through the coming months. Maybe they could help you too.


We value our team members and take every opportunity to show how much they matter to us and to each other. Cultural rituals still matter, even the silly ones. Maybe especially those. We use an instant messaging program to post pics of our home work spaces, pets, kids, babies and anything else that might provide a morale boost.

This week, each Madison team member is taking the time to send a note of appreciation to someone in their professional sphere – fellow team members, clients and vendors – even old professors.

Ask yourself the following questions to sharpen your appreciation skills:

  • How can I show my coworkers I appreciate them this week with a note or small gesture?
  • Who, in my professional sphere, could benefit from an appreciation shout-out during this crisis?
  • Who has believed in me in the past that I can thank now?