Isolation does strange things to time. For many, time slows to a standstill – yet it can disappear in a blink of binge-watching, rapid-fire clickbait and silent debates with yourself about paint colors (Lemon Zest or Simply Sunflower?).

The vacuum that fills this endless void of time may not be good for your brand. Both customers and employees need to hear from you to allay anxiety, feel connected and battle misinformation. Internal and external brand strategies should evolve quickly when your audience is isolated and their world is shrinking.

To adapt your brand strategy so it “FITS” the moment, make sure your touchpoints are:

Frequent: Days can feel like weeks when you’re stuck at home. Customers and employees need regular reminders that they’re not alone.

Immediate: People have a lot of questions, including ones they don’t even know they have. The right time to answer them is right now.

Two-way: Don’t spend all your time talking at people. They crave a chance to interact in a real conversation with you or each other.

Spontaneous: Relationships aren’t scripted and scheduled. Be ready to respond and make a connection at any moment.